Duendesday is for Movers and Shakers

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

How is our little peach these days? She is counting her chickens, hunting for mushrooms, and driving the tractor-mower (again). She takes her mower-driving very seriously – she concentrates on all the steps and learns new tips. It really gave her a kick to tow the cart with Josh in it (as he does for her sometimes).

Autumn announced itself with a bit of a bang this year (killing frost earlier in the week) but is mellowing out to an Indian Summer at least for the next week or two. We all wish we could go camping (hot days and cool nights make great camping) but with the world as it is, and our lack of animal sitters, it is not to be. Our mantra lately is, ‘maybe next year’, which for a kid is the worst thing to hear.

But we will continue to celebrate the Harvest all week and into next week, having our lovely friend and his similarly aged ‘Pear’ of a child (get it, a peach and a pear?! love our baby fruits!) come to play outside [I don’t know if they have realized but it’s likely we will try and convince them to join us in harvesting the last of the potatoes and/or the grapes] and make some lovely food in the fire (though we do have a new ‘cauldron’ grill we need to try out). I think it will be lovely. Little by little, we are all finding creative ways to be together and make a better world (less is more, local is best, concentrated efforts reward).

Meanwhile, our hurdles are how to get a 10 year old to clean her room and brush her hair? Though she was very excited to clean the car for $5. which she spent at the Farmer’s Market on honey sticks and a goat milk berry smoothie. We went a little early yesterday so she could ride her scooter in the park where the market is – she is quite the savvy scooter-child! She’s requesting a skateboard for Solstice – oh, my mama heart patters with joy and just a bit of trepidation.

To be young and yearn for speed.

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