{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

The agenda of a free 10-yr-old is certainly something to admire and emulate. She wakes up when her body tells her (anywhere between 7 and 9), feeds the pets, and forages for food – sometimes something sensible like cereal or toast, sometimes something ridiculous if it is around like ice cream or fruit crisp, or cold pizza (today it is leftover enchilada). She likes to watch a show in the morning; she’s not quite awake yet but it doesn’t take her long to get there – sometimes she’s up and raring to go. After a show, she comes out to join us in planning our day – this is when she decides who is more interesting to be with or if she should go forth on her own (building chicken coop nesting boxes? taking tent caterpillars from trees? starting a fire in the firepit? or making gnocchi, mending clothes, weeding the garden? or working on her own art, swinging on her swing, digging in her rock ‘mine’?)

Her big ‘responsibility’ right now is to check on the free-range layer chickens throughout the day – making sure they are safe and sound. And that badminton set that I ordered in May finally came in (ha!) so she is loving that, too. Other than that, her day is pretty free and unscheduled – she gets very excited when something interrupts our ‘routine’, like taking the trash to the Transfer Station, take the dog for a walk or scooter at the Farmer’s Market, stop by Nana’s or when folks stop by to pick up a bread delivery.

Today she wants to join me for a Zoom lecture on Seed Saving and Indigenous Seed Sovereignty, offered by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) – as she has been saving lots of seeds on her own (peppers, melons, apple, lemon, pansies – she loves the idea of it) and since I am a big fan of Rowen White, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Janisse Ray, Leanne Simpson, and Vandana Shiva – I can’t wait to see the movement in Maine flourish and educate. I’m sure this will spur a whole new seed-saving side to our little peach.

May your days be as scheduled as you’d like them to be.

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