{a day to check in with a 10 yr old’s doings}

Tuesday went by within the blink of an eye – we prepared some fresh foods (made pickles – with radish pods, set up kimchi, made some vegan pesto, roasted tomatoes for winter sauce, cut up and froze rhubarb, etc) and went to the Farmer’s Market where we talked to a man about a whole pig. Duende likes when I go to the market so she can ride her scooter on the river path.

This morning, the wee one (who is obviously, not so wee anymore) woke up early to work on her new comic book – ‘FeeFee Goodwill’, so far, it’s a story about a little witch with 2 brothers (Roof and Billie) and something about a car. Coming off a stretch of collage work revolving around women’s bodies/underwear fashion, gems, and kittens now that the studio is a workable space – the writing is underway. She’s at her desk now, playing music, perched next to her art cart, typewriter, jewelry making supplies, etc writing on a clipboard by hand (so she can add illustrations when needed).

We had a talk this morning about raising rabbits for food on the homestead to see if this was something she could handle (she seems good for it – maybe, though there was some confusion about sweaters – I thought she wanted to make sweaters out of the bunnies, but she really just wanted to make sweaters for the bunnies – my bad).

Meanwhile, another tooth is on the loose, we’re still searching for a swimming hole, and it’s good to be 10.

Happy Duendesday!

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creative life-learner

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