Summer Duendesday

{a day to check in with a 10 yr old’s doings}

Our gal is a fish. Not only is she a water sign (Cancer) but absolutely loves water – bath, pool, lake, ocean, river, puddle, bucket – water. She swam the English Channel in a past life, or was a pearl diver, or is related to Jacques Cousteau. Maybe she was a sea dragon in the Great Barrier Reef or a Coho Salmon returning to its Alaskan home.

When she was 2-3 we lived in a single level apartment complex that had a saltwater pool. I made a friend (hey, it can happen) who had a child about the same age and we would take them to swim every day. Every day. They loved it, we could sit around and chat or be in the water like relative adults and they were entertained in their little life jackets. I hated that complex but man, we loved that pool.

Every year we go to the beach – I spent my teenage years on the Jersey beach so I have a love of the ocean – it was quite exciting for Josh and I to go to the Moroccan beach in Mohammedia; to be on the other side of the Atlantic (beach to beach). For a couple of years with Duende we used to hop down to Old Orchard Beach, sneak in the back way (to avoid the boardwalk/traffic) and had a friend with kids who stayed in the same summer place every year on the beach. Duende and I would also just go to East End beach when we lived ‘on the hill’ and I could actually read a magazine while she played in the sand or surf. Other friends of ours had a family place out on Long Island (Casco Bay) with lovely beaches. And then last year we hauled our cookies to Popham Beach and had a nice time.

Our favorite camping spot – the Grafton Notch Campground has a nice river bend the kid plays in when we go but it’s also right around the corner from a lovely covered bridge (and pebble low spot to play in the water, like when Josh and I lived by the Rio Grande) and the Screw Auger Falls with lots of little pool spots and creek walks. We were going to go earlier this year but with the craziness we put it off, and now we have chickens (anyone want to chicken-sit?!).

She loves any water though – the neighbors have a pool she gets to be in occasionally, and a friend has a camp up in the Belgrade lakes where she loves to go (I actually have a problem swimming in lake/pond waters – I’m blaming reading too much Stephen King as a teenager) and Josh is a southern VT king of swimming holes but we’ve yet to find uncrowded ones here (and you would think in my area we could find this…) so lately our gal is left with the kiddie pool I managed to order online for her. Between the chicks and the pool, she’s mostly entertained these days – but it’s going to be a long season if we can’t find her a real body of water! Ha!

May your summer give you your favorite activities!

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