Duendesday: New Duende Order

{a day to check in with a 10 yr old’s doings}

It’s officially official – She’s 10! WOWZA! Where did all that time go?! And why couldn’t each phase, each age, just been a little bit longer…she is marvelous and we love to watch her grow but it still has a bit of sadness with it. My little babe is a lovely young peach.

It was a great birthday weekend (she said it was the best she could remember!) – thank you to all who celebrated safely with us. It was so good to see Dave & Pear (we were getting used to seeing them at twice a month or so throughout the year, this was the first we’ve seen them since February!), the girls have such a good time playing together (like country mouse and city mouse) while the ‘adults’ get into animated and enjoyable discussions about history/philosophy/politics, and eat good food – this birthday I made D a big Pink Panther cookie (at least she could see the Pink Panther in it – ha!). And Nana, Uncle Cameron, & Angela came for strawberry cake the next day to blow out the candles and open presents. Duende’s dream came true when Nana got her a couple of little ‘confetti cannons’, too (she loves confetti, I mean, it’s a little crazy – ha!).

As for those presents – she was ridiculously happy to get a disco light that hooks up to her music (matching flashing pulses – ow!), and her own handcrafted hammer for her projekts, and to make sure she’s not using it for rocks we got her a rockhounding kit (bag, book, rock hammer/chisels, jewel loupe, goggles, whistle with compass) and some other goodies.

The big present was a 10gal fish tank – resplendent with castle, glow plants, and then Glofish – however, (and yes we set it up 24 or so hrs in advance) the first batch died within hours. Oh, how my peach cried. So, we got another couple of Tetra skirtfish after ‘more’ advice, adding some beneficial bacteria and they died by bedtime. Then we did more research and found that ‘New Tank Syndrome’ can be a thing, and you can either treat it with an ammonia/nitrite (which are toxic to fish) fixer or you can keep sacrificing fish until the beneficial bacteria overpower the bad. I wish we would have known about the former instead of basically the store’s recommendation to do the latter – it seems like a better solution for children and fish, if you ask me. Though the treatment takes longer, it seems kinder all around – hopefully the next couple of fish in a few weeks make her happy. I should’ve just got her a karaoke machine.

All in all, it was a good birthday. She’s outside making ‘potions’ now, I’m sure soon she’ll come in for a smoothie (we’re all smoothie obsessed in here), and request some family game time…10 it is, so 10 it must be. ❤

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