{a day to check in with an almost 10 yr old’s doings}

Conversation around the kitchen island this morning (I drinking a second cup of tea, D sipping on hot chocolate, Josh making crackers and trying to call the State Dept but frustratingly being on hold for over an hour/dropped/phone dying – losing it) revolves around what we’re going to be doing when we are old (along the lines of not ‘wearing purple’). Josh, in his morning frustration, says he’ll start morning drinking when he’s old, I want to be the old lady who swears a lot on the public bus, and Duende is going to be surrounded by hundreds, thousands, millions of cats (Oh Wanda Gag!).

Now she’s wandering the house lamenting the flash heat wave because she “doesn’t want to be a french fry” and eating rhubarb jam on sourdough toast. And dressed for the disco – she’s waiting very patiently for Daddy to get off the phone so she can blast some Beyonce (Who Run the World? Apparently almost 10yr-old girls) and Katy Perry (Whose child is this?) and dance like a crazy little wonderful person.

And what is she doing these days besides stealing my phone to play the Singing Monsters game? She’s reading the Diaries of the Wimpy Kid series, anything by Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants creator), Bone and Peanuts comics books. She’s got a funny bone for sure. When Josh goes to burn brush she builds stick shelters, providing picnic lunches and entertainment. She’s inventing and building things – birdhouse/bird bath poles for Nana’s birthday (in collaboration with Uncle Cameron and Daddy), a cupholder for the tractor, and wooden sculptures galore. When I can’t find her she’s in the garage with a power tool or a hand saw, goggles, gloves, building something blasting Glee Cast singing ‘We Built This City’ – hilarious.

Happy Almost Summer!


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