{a day to check in with a 9 yr old’s doings}

Another typical day for this sunshine kid – cold homemade cheese and black olive pizza for breakfast, maybe a little Odd Squad or Wild Kratts, then some chores; clean the litter box, open the cold frame/water plants, hang laundry, and then a lot of play. These warm days we’re having right now involve a lot of mud and pails of water, sticks, grass. Swinging. Hammering. Playing in the creek. Or helping Josh do whatever it is he’s doing-especially if it involves the riding mower with the wagon or the wheelbarrow (she’s bound to get a ride), cleaning out the brush, building fences, planting trees.

Big hits: she’s learning to drive the riding mower with supervision (Josh has fantasies that someone else will mow someday), foraging for flowers and soon wild strawberry, cartwheels for days, and more Kiwi/Tinker crates.

Soon we’ll bust out the croquet and bocce (free range bocce is the best). And then there will be baby chicks! They always entertain. And then 2-3 weeks later – more baby chicks! (The layers come first, our new ladies of the homestead, and then the meatbirds). And then Ms. Bloo turns 10! We’ll see what excitement that brings!

Wishing you many beautiful days!

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