Monday’s Flower Muses

Spring in New England is a lovely thing – the anticipation of color back into our lives keeps our visual acuity sharp in any subtle changes. The tiniest of buds, the unfolding of leaves, the precociousness of blooms…in the woods, they hide – facing down, or shadowy amongst curled leaflets and grey-brown litter, in the orchard the croci and miniscule muscari are the first to wake up, while in the front yard (front and center) the lion’s teeth pop like kernels of corn sunshine. Though we are technically halfway through Spring, it is just now that we see a few daffodils (we are always a little late on the ‘northside), some self-seeding johnny jump-up’s, hyacinth’s, and the forsythia – other little characters spring here and there – keep your eye for them, they signal life, in all its glory and beauty.

Intriguing is the folklore of pansies, the mythologies of daffodils, and the medicine of the dandelion –

Enjoy your Spring!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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