{a day to check in with a 9 yr old’s doings}

As Josh says, “the best $11. ever spent” – it was a great day for a hike in the woods and some kite flying. This kite keeps this kid happy.

When  I was a teenager, I moved in with a friend and her family for awhile. Every Easter they would go to the beach and fly kites. What a great tradition. I think that first year her mother begged us to go to church for Easter service – I was long done with the church (recovering Catholic) but she begged, and we thought it was funny so ‘sure’. We were late, so we had to stand in a side alcove, and laughed at all the people who were aghast at our ‘appearance’ (hey, we dressed up – I wore a butterfly dress with a black lace sweater and docs, but I could do nothing about the ‘hawk, that’s just the way it was – my friend was uber hippie at the time; hair wraps, ankle bells, Janis skirts – we were a pair!) – and then to the beach. Even in NJ the beach is breezy and still cold in early Spring.

Though we don’t celebrate Easter here (or Oestre, we’re not Pagan, though you may think so), I love the kite flying idea. The same days warrant bird thermals, too – watching hawks, eagles, vultures ride the currents especially above the backfield is mesmerizing.

Big D loves to fly the kite but also to just languish beneath its soar when Josh flies it for her. We’ve made kites a few times, too – it’s all fun. I hope you get some days out to enjoy sweet breezes.

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