{a day to check in with a 9 yr old’s doings}

It can’t all be wine and roses – or in the case of a 9 yr old, all milk and cookies…

What does a day look like when she wakes up on the wrong side (of our) bed? The sass is strong with this one. It demands things like tv and brownies, pickles and videogames and dramatizes everything she can think of that might have set her off (a lot of ‘you never’ seems to come out now). And when you don’t provide – it gets very belligerent and obstinate. And contemplates life without you – ha!

I think this cycles with growing pains and weather changes – and responses to our moods, as well. I find March, in general, pretty tough for everyone. It’s when you become ‘done’ with Winter – the land is so grey, the snow (if any, though sometimes in March there is too much) loses its shine, there’s a bit of cabin fever (though everyone is outside a lot in Winter, too, we don’t go far), and there’s likely been a little too much screen time.

One starts to itch for the Spring renewal – we’ll start seeds today to get that ‘feeling’ started, in just 2 weeks we’ll decorate eggs and the worms will wake in the earth, by Earth Day the snow will mostly melt and the air will start to warm…we wonder now if we can stand much more of Winter without selling our child to the gypsies (let’s ignore the fact right now that we are likely the gypsies we speak of) but we’ve come this far – I think we’ll make it.

self-portrait 2020

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