{a day to check in with 9 yr old’s doings}

This week’s “inventions” included a zipline-snack-delivery system…a strapped-in-swing for her stuffed dinosaur, a blanket-in-a-box pool, a drawn plan turned into miniature model of her play-area garden design, finger-knitted finger warmers, and some magickal cake designs for my birthday next month. She’s a big helper on ‘delivery day’ with Josh – delivering breads, crackers, and doughs to all the good little children (who aren’t on the naughty list). She also made some nifty paper pom-pom’s so she can be the Rock Bottom cheerleader. This gal can turn cardboard, string/yarn, and paper into all kinds of amazing things!

This morning she made pancakes (her specialty, and really – they are, I’m not a big pancake fan and these are delicious, she keeps her recipe tacked to the fridge). Today she will go out and check the maple taps with Josh (she was a big help putting them in), set up bread (and feed her starter), and later she is making dinner (my guess is something with chicken, that seems to be her forte – maybe it should be called ‘Chicken Wednesday’).

But that is all after she finishes watching her cat hospital show (she’s concerned about our cat, he has ear mites, poor thing), she’s already researched in our Natural Health for Dogs & Cats book how to treat it. We are off to the local health food store (Harvest Time) to pick up some Vitamin E capsules and Yellow Dock herb (I wish I would have saved some last summer, now I know…) – the cat is snuggled up in a deep blanket with a ‘hospital bracelet’ she made him though she says he can wander about the grounds if he wants to (the grounds being the house, he is not an outdoor cat). I’m sure later she will make him a grand cape or a crown to make him feel better (I can tell you, the look on his face will be priceless).

All of this in an ensemble of rainbow-leopard-spotted tights, a thermal flowered top, and outrageously bright striped socks! Don’t you wish you were 9?!

Happy Duendesday!



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