2020 Vision: Beginnings

And so we begin. Well, we’ve already begun – just a few years behind us deciding how and what we were going to do but now is the down and dirty time of it all. Now that we are all home full-time, our homestead will have all the care and attention to blossom!

A dear soul we know gets what we are doing (which is rare in our world, though we hope to expand our circle to those who ‘get it’ or at least appreciate it and want to share in it) and wished us well on our journey with this poem – I think it sets us up nicely. Thank you.

Robert Bly: Clothespins

I’d like to have spent my life making
Clothespins. Nothing would be harmed,
Except some pines, probably on land
I owned and would replant. I’d see
My work on clotheslines near some lake,
Up north on a day in October,
Perhaps twelve clothespins, the wood
Still fresh, and a light wind blowing.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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